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Roller Chain Sprocket

Roller Chain Sprocket

Roller chain sprockets are toothed gears used with roller chain to transmit mechanical power. The teeth of the sprocket interlock with the individual chain components. As the sprocket rotates, it pulls the chain along and transfers power from the driver end to the driven end of a system. Roller chain sprocket types include bushing bore, finished bore, machinable bore, and idler.

Roller chain sprockets engage chain drives in power transmission and conveyor systems, though sprockets can engage any perforated material. Chain drives can produce a mechanical advantage as speed reducers/increasers. ISO sprockets are designed to engage British Standard Chain and conform to ISO standard R606. These sprockets are not interchangeable with ANSI defined sprockets.

Roller chain sprockets are used in many power transmission drive systems as a continuous drive mechanism that can accommodate large center distances. Roller chain sprockets can be made from many different materials including steel, stainless steel, plastic, nylon, bronze, aluminum and many more.

A rollar chain sprocket’s pitch is the distance between adjacent tooth centers. The outside diameter is measured from the tip of one tooth to the same point 180 degrees on the opposite tooth.

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