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Custom Sprockets

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At Ryle Manufacturing Company, we always place the customers needs as the highest priority. Providing the finest American craftsmanship,  materials, and distribution to the Power Transmission Industry.

custom sprockets

Custom Sprockets

for oilfield applications including: drawworks custom sprockets, mud pumps custom sprockets, rotary tables custom sprockets, compound chain boxes custom sprockets, truck winches custom sprockets etc. Our Product Line is immense;  from plate type single blank sprockets to multi-row finished bore sprockets, Ryle can deliver from our huge inventory, or custom make to your specifications. Ryle also provides Idler Sprokets, Double-Single Sprockets, Double Pitch Sprocket, Split Sprockets, Flame Cut Sprockets, Roller Chain Sprocket , Double Chain Sprocket, and we also manufacture Stainless Steel Sprockets. read more

sprocket manufacturing

Sprockets For Sale

Oil Field Custom Sprocket Applications:
  • Drawworks
  • Winches
  • Workover Rigs
  • Mobile Rigs
  • Mud Pumps
  • Rotary Tables
  • Coil Tubing Units..
Other custom sprocket types manufactured:
  • Full capacity range for ASA sprockets roller chain
  • 25 chain (1/4″ pitch through 240 chain 3″ pitch) single and multiple strand.
  • .84″ to 56″ diameter
  • Straight bore and QD
  • Engineered Class Sprockets
  • Double Pitch Conveyor Sprockets
  • Weld on QD Adapters
    • American National Standard applied: ASME B29.1M ~ Precision Standard

We have thousands of drawings in house. We provide made to order sprockets for the aftermarket for most oil field equipment builder’s machines.Call us today to see which oil field manufacturers we have provided custom sprockets for.

sprockets for sale

Sprocket Manufacturing

  • Large Custom Sprocket Capabilities
  • Sprockets for oilfield drawworks
  • mud pumps
  • rotary tables
  • compound chain boxes
  • truck winches.
  • Ryle carries a large stock of oil field sprockets for immediate delivery.
Established by Hogan Ryle in 1948, expanded by Wallace Ryle through the 1990’s, and presently presided over by the third generation, Ryle Mfg.Co. is poised to be a leader in the power transmission industry through the next millennium. read more